Top 10 Best-Selling Figma UI Kits in 2024

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Top 10 Best-Selling Figma UI Kits in 2024

Top 10 Best-Selling Figma UI Kits in 2024

Purchasing UI kits online minimizes a business’s efforts in designing websites or apps. We can consider them magic tools for those who aren’t very familiar with designs. With lots of parts, screens, and even pages, UI kits make designing easy. Bitrix Infotech relies on Figma for designing such kits due to its easy design-development collaboration and other advantages. Let’s explore the top 10 best-selling white-labeled Figma UI kits on Bitrix Theme:

  • Meme Coin
  • Baby Meme Coin
  • Software Company
  • Handyman
  • Astrologer
  • Money Management
  • Split Bill App
  • Health Reminder App
  • Meme Doge Coin
  • Astro Pepe Coin

1. Meme Coin

Seeing the popularity of meme-based cryptocurrencies, our expert Figma designers came up with the idea of designing the Meme Coin UI Kit. Since the beginning of 2024, this kit recorded 38 sales and has become the highest-selling UI kit in a month. Those who want to take the benefit of meme-based cryptocurrencies and start a business related to cryptocurrency can check out this Meme Coin UI kit for making an attractive website.

What’s special about the Meme Coin UI Kit?

  • Customizable components
  • Suitable design
  • Responsive-ready

2. Baby Meme Coin

This is another product based on the popularity of meme-based cryptocurrencies. No one can deny the popularity of Dogecoin. We cannot say that websites based on the Baby Meme Coin UI Kit will follow the same legacy. But we definitely aim to do so. This UI kit managed to generate 37 sales since the beginning of 2024. However, if you’re the one who wants to contribute to the crypto world by offering a meme-based cryptocurrency to individuals and couldn’t find the previous one helpful, you can check out the Baby Meme Coin UI kit.

What’s special about the Baby Meme Coin UI Kit?

  • Attractive fonts and color palette
  • Prototype included
  • Pixel-perfect UI elements

3. Software Company

The Software Company UI kit mostly focuses on those risk-taking individuals, who want to provide information & technology solutions on a startup basis and have strict limitations for preparing an attractive design. This UI kit has recorded 34 sales since 1 January 2024. You can check this out if you want to start an IT company and you’re strict on budget. This kit offers a wonderful design that is capable of attracting clients globally.

What’s special about the Software Company UI Kit?

  • Attractive design
  • UX-friendly
  • Organized and well-layered pages

4. Handyman

Handyman UI kit focuses on on-demand home repairing services. This UI kit can be converted into an app providing such services. End users can use that app to demand services to their doorsteps. Nowadays finding such service providers has become tough, this app can connect service providers and customers based on the required services. The Handyman UI Kit has generated 31 sales since January 2024.

What’s special about the Handyman UI Kit?

  • Responsive-ready
  • Professional UI
  • Fully Customizable

5. Astrologer

Nowadays many individuals have faith in astrology. The Astrologer UI Kit focuses on building a website that can connect individuals with such beliefs. You can reach out to devotees around the world with the help of this UI kit. This Figma Design kit has generated 30 sales since the beginning of 2024.

What’s special about the Astrologer UI Kit?

  • Aesthetic design
  • Multiple pages
  • Easy-to-understand layouts

6. Money Management

The Money Management UI Kit focuses on building an app that helps end users manage their carry and borrow histories. The present is full of money transfers, one may forget the carry-borrow history. Businesses can provide them with simplified management of such expenses with the help of this user interface kit. This kit has tied with the Astrologer UI kit by generating 30 sales since January 2024.

What’s special about the Money Management UI Kit?

  • Professional design
  • Predesigned screens for different purposes
  • Customizable components

7. Split Bill

Just like the Money Management App UI Kit, the Split Bill UI Kit focuses on creating a smartphone app that simplifies group lunch/dinner events, or any other event that needs financial contribution from people. This UI kit supports even as well as uneven division. If you’re looking to develop such an app for your audience, this app UI kit can be a perfect choice. The recorded sales for this UI kit have been 29 since January 2024.

What’s special about the Split UI Kit?

  • Multiple screens
  • Minimal design
  • Free fonts and icons

8. Health Reminder

The Health Reminder App UI Kit can help you serve the health-conscious anthem. Just like some wearable devices businesses can use datafication with this app UI kit to serve users with live health updates like step counts, calories burnt, etc. This UI kit has been purchased by 27 IT-based businessmen since January 2024.

What’s special about the Health Reminder UI Kit?

  • Attractive icons and images
  • Inspirational UI
  • Easy-to-understand layouts

9. Meme Doge Coin

Just like other meme-based cryptocurrency UI kits, this one can also be turned into an official website of a similar cryptocurrency. This web UI kit comes with a slightly playful design, that can have a separate fan base. However, we cannot forget the legacy of meme-based cryptocurrencies, which was present in the number of generated sales. The Meme Doge Coin Web UI Kit has been sold 25 times since January 2024.

What’s special about the Meme Doge Coin UI Kit?

  • Playful yet attractive design
  • Pixel-perfect elements
  • Customizable components

10. Astro Pepe Coin

Four editions in the list of the top ten clearly show the popularity of cryptocurrencies. We can say that crypto can be the future of finance. Addressing the future, the Astro Pepe Coin UI Kit focuses on creating a website based on the astronaut theme. This Figma UI kit has generated 20 sales since January 2024.

What’s special about the Astro Pepe Coin UI Kit?

  • Futuristic design
  • Responsive-ready
  • Organized and well-layered pages

[Disclaimer: The entered sales are recorded from 1st Jan 2024 to 19th Feb 2024.]

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