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Questions About Bitrix Themes

Why to choose the Bitrix theme?
What else does the Bitrix theme offer?

We offer website templates and mobile app UI. But we also provide software-related services, from application making to business-related software, to know more you can visit our other website.

Is there any mobile application for Bitrix Theme?

Currently, we only provide our services through websites, but in the future, you will be able to see our mobile application too.

Questions About Purchase

What payment methods are available?
Does Bitrix Theme offer a credit account?

No, there is no such thing on our website. We do not have any integrated wallet or credit facilities.

Is there any special offer on multiple purchases?

To avail of any offers, you need to purchase our membership. With that, you will get access to our premium products and many incredible offers.

Can I cancel any purchases?

No, once you make a payment or purchase any template then you cannot cancel it. There is such a policy.

Do I require any document while purchasing?

For purchasing any template from our site you do not require any documentation, except your email & mobile number.

What is the refund policy on templates?

No, once you purchase you cannot demand a refund but you can request to replace it as per refund and return policy. And for more information, you can contact our customer support.

Questions About Membership

What are the benefits of membership?
Is it necessary to take membership or I can just buy one product?

No, it is not necessary to avail of membership. You can buy a single product without membership, but unfortunately, you might not get offers on them.

How many membership packs are available?

There is only one membership pack available, it is the only premium pack that you can avail yourself of.

Questions About Templates

How can I use the bitrix theme’s template?
What I’ll get in the package after buying any template?

In our template package, you’ll get complete HTML files of all pages, with js files and all the images which are there in the templates.

What if the template doesn’t work properly?

All our templates and their files are executable and come with clean code, but if you face any problem you can contact us.

How to set up templates for apps?

To set up a mobile app template you need to have an android app designing platform, import the template file there, and run it.

Can I get a custom designed theme?

If you want to have any custom-designed template you can contact us, we will help you in that.

Do i need any third party plugin to run templates?

No, you don’t have to do that, but it is always good to have it on the theme for better service and better functionality.

How can I edit codes on mac & windows?

If you prefer to code websites by hand, you can edit HTML files in a basic text editor like Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (macOS).

What happens when I don’t receive the templates complete package?

If you have any issue related to the template you contact us, and let us know about issues with the template and will help you.

Are there any limits for personal use of templates?

No, once you purchase any template you can use it as long as you want to. You can use the same template for different websites as well.

Are there any free templates?

No, we do not provide any free templates. But you can get a great offer if you take our membership.

Can I use the templates with a CMS, Blog or eCommerce system ?

Yes, all our templates are perfectly designed to be used with CMS, Blog, or eCommerce systems.

Are all the photos & graphics free to use?

Yes, we design most of the graphics and images for our template, but whether it is free or not depends on the templates and it differs from each.

What designing platform we use?

We use a vast range of designing platforms, and all our templates are created on different or same. The most common platforms that we use are PSD, Figma, and our web template is HTML-based.

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