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Keyword Research
Keyword research refers to searching for high-volume keywords that match the brand content as well as user intent. Keyword research is necessary for defining keywords that can be targeted for better on-page and off-page SEO.

With keyword research, you can get a seed keyword for your brand along with some generic keywords, targeted keywords, and long-tail keywords. These keywords can be used in your website’s on-page as well as off-page content with a pre-defined keyword density to increase the possibility for higher search engine rankings.

Why This Service?
  • Better SEO: Using high-volume keywords in a permissible density (as per Google’s guidelines) helps you achieve higher search engine rankings.
  • Brand Identity: Common web surfers can reach out to your brand easily even after searching for a basic product or service-based keywords, that may help your brand grow more.
  • Higher Authority: Consistent SEO causes higher domain authority on your website, resulting in visitor’s trust as well as higher rankings.
Project Kickstart: What We Need to Get Your Project Rolling
  • Access to keyword research tools
  • Target audience details
  • Clear objectives (e.g., boost website traffic)
  • Existing keyword lists (if any)
  • Deadline for research completion
  • Keyword list (includes long tail, short tail, primary keywords)
  • Keywords with Metrics like search volume, competition level
  • Ongoing monitoring of keywords
  • Actionable Recommendations (in website content, content optimization)
  • Competitor Analysis Report (Analysis of competitor keyword strategy)
  • Keyword Research, Keyword Volume, Competitor Analysis, Keyword Strategies, Long Tail Keywords
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How does Keyword Research benefit my business?

Identifying strategic keywords enhances online visibility, attracting the right audience and boosting organic traffic.

What tools do you use for keyword identification?
How is your approach tailored to my business?
What sets your Keyword Research apart from others?
Can I track the impact of your services on my online presence?

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