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Clock Solitaire is a classic card game with a modern twist. This Clock Solitaire Card Game UI Kit is sleek and intuitive, making it easy for you to jump right into the action. In Clock Solitaire, you'll need to stack cards in alternating colors in order to clear the board. With each move, the clock will move forward, adding pressure to your gameplay.

Speed up game development by using pre-developed UI elements, reducing both time-to-market and development costs, allowing you to focus on game mechanics. Make sure your game runs smoothly across all devices and platforms, maximizing audience reach and potential revenue.

Provide an enjoyable and visually consistent gaming experience, increase player satisfaction, and increase your chances of retaining your player base. Stand out in the competitive gaming market with a unique and advanced user interface that differentiates your Clock Solitaire Game UI Kit from others, attracting more players and potential monetization opportunities.

Our App UI design templates features beautiful graphics and smooth animations, Nteit a joy to play. Plus, with a variety of customization options, you can make the game your own. Choose from different card decks and backgrounds to create a unique experience every time you play. So why wait? Try Clock Solitaire game UI Kit today and put your skills to the test! Contact us for your utmost solution regarding every query.

Main Feature

  • Pixel Perfect UI Elements
  • Customizable Layers, Fonts & Colors
  • Well Layered & Organized
  • High-Quality Screens
  • Free Fonts & Icons
  • 100% Customizable Vector Shape
  • Easy to understand layouts
  • Prototype included
  • Easy Customization Figma file.
  • Well-documented Help file

Sources Used

  • Image: freepik, unsplash
  • Font: Lato, Vollkorn


A Zip file contains

  • Figma design
  • Product description.txt
  • Technical description.txt
  • Readme.txt

Clock solitaire main features page
Different game screen page
Different game screen page

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