Extended License Service | Get Extra Support for Your Purchase

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Extended License Service | Get Extra Support for Your Purchase

As you purchase the UI Kits, Web Templates, or any of the services from the Theme Bitrix, we offer the extra opportunity to extend the license for further usage. While getting this service, you can get additional benefits that are not limited to standard license and usage permissions.

  • Commercial Usage: Avoid the hassle and issues regarding the commercial usage of our products by purchasing the extended license service. You can streamline your business revenue generation without any legal action to be taken.
  • Support and maintenance: We provide enhanced support options or extended maintenance periods compared to the standard license. In addition, our priority support channels or dedicated account management are included with the Extended License.
  • Cost Savings: Our extended license service eliminates the purchase of multiple standard licenses, which can be costly. Thus, it's best to have a single extended license to save the costs.
  • Additional Features: By preferring our extended license service, you have exclusive access to our products and services. Therefore, you don’t have to pay any more for getting those features and ultimately it’s useful for your requirements.
  • Increased Usage: The extended user base or number of deployments allowed with the Extended License compared to the standard license. With a standard license, there are limitations (e.g., single user, single deployment), and preferring an Extended License removes those barriers.
Why Extended License Service?

Having an extended license of the products or services, you’re not limited to using some of the features but able to get permission for further usage and maybe sell it for better revenue generation. It is also important for the following reasons:

  • An extended license often grants access to more advanced features like premium integrations with other platforms.
  • An extended license grants permission to use the service in revenue-generating applications.
  • Extended licenses often come with better support options, priority support channels, dedicated account management, or extended maintenance periods.
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