BEP20 Staker | BEP20 Token Staking dApp Services With Smart Contract

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BEP20 Staker | BEP20 Token Staking dApp Services With Smart Contract
Service Overview

Under this service, we create a dApp that allows individuals to stake BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Below is the service overview of BEP20 token staking dApp services with smart contract:

  • Security Audits: We perform multiple security audits before the deployment to ensure no vulnerability in the dApp.
  • User Experience: We prioritize following some parameters like ease of use, security, and transparency to make this service the best.
Why BEP20 Staker?
  • BEP20 Staker has smart contracts, which ensure transparency and security of the dApp.
  • BEP20 Staker dApp will allow individuals to customize the staking program to their project's specific goals.
  • BEP20 Staking provides individuals with safety from price volatility at some levels.
Project Kickstart: What We Need to Get Your Project Rolling
  • Token Details
  • Staking Business Logic
  • Reward Distribution Logic
  • APY/APR Structure
  • Fully functional BEP20 Token Staking DApp
  • BSC Integration
  • Web3 Integration
  • Source Code
  • Usage Instructions
  • Blockchain, dApps, BEP20 wallet integration, Token staking, Smart contracts
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