Pepe Vault: Crypto Wallet Creation Mobile Application UI Design Kit

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Are you looking for the best app UI design for crypto wallet creation that includes all the layouts and graphics with functionality? Thus, we have a solution for it. To streamline your crypto wallet creation app development, this Pepe Vault UI design can be very helpful to maximize the user experience and reduce time and resources.

As you're a professional crypto exchange service provider and looking for a great opportunity to capture the attention, this Pepe Vault app UI design offers that chance to you. It compacts modern, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces. The pre-designed visual elements and graphics, allow you to keep focus on the core functionalities and increase the chance to be successful in crypto wallet management.

With this Pepe Vault figma UI design, you can get various screens like secured wallet creation, confirm backup choices, easy deposit and withdrawal options, and account management at a single click. In addition, this futuristic UI design offers a wide range of options to stake NFTs and digital assets for earning massive rewards through the app.

In this Pepe Vault UI design, users can easily check their orders from the collapse menu and make informed decisions for further digital asset staking and swapping. Meanwhile, they can operate the app with a FIAT currency and choose their favorite language from one click. To keep the account safe and secure, this UI design prefers a Biometric lock, face ID recognition, and Google authenticator options.

In short, with the Pepe Vault app UI design, you can speed up your crypto wallet creation service app development with the best possible functionalities with a cost-effective solution.

Key Features

  • Enhanced account security
  • Crypto wallet connect
  • Easy deposits
  • Convenient withdrawal
  • My assets section
  • Buy & Sell assets

Additional Features

  • Coin discover option
  • NFTs list
  • Transaction history
  • Crypto swap
  • Asset staking
  • Visual charts
  • Multi language support

Suitable For

  • Crypto exchange service providers
  • Crypto wallet providers
  • Blockchain developers


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