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Create the perfect online furniture shop with this Homeify web UI Kit. It will help you make your eCommerce business well-known and recognized. This website UI design is the ideal choice for furniture shop owners who want to take a step forward and unlock the doors to success with efficiency and confidence.

The core benefit of this eCommerce furniture business UI is its pre-built elements. These include product pages, category listings, shopping cart, checkout form, and contact pages, providing you with a solid foundation to build your website. Choosing the Homeify - Online Furniture Shop UI design is a solution for creating a seamless and superior user experience across all devices, whether it's mobile or desktop. The kit prioritizes visibility and navigation functions, which are fundamental to online business success. Additionally, the call-to-action buttons and interactive design, along with product images, can help your business boost conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Cart and wishlist option for easy checkout
  • 15+ screens for highlighting the products
  • Optimized product pages with description
  • Product-wise filtering menu
  • Grid view of products

Additional Features

  • 15+ pre-built page screens
  • Quick customization in fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Prioritized for user experience
  • Pixel perfect designs
  • Free fonts
  • interactive design
  • Easy to use figma file
  • Well Documentation
  • Customized vector graphics
  • Organized layered files
  • Time-solving solution
  • High-quality screens
  • Cost-effective option for web development

Suitable For

  • Online eCommerce store owners
  • Furniture shop owners
  • Furniture startup business
  • Lifestyle shop owners
  • Luxury item merchants especially customized furniture

Layout option for shop page
15+  screen pages of the homeify page
Available blog posts page


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Shopper - E-commerce store admin panel web ui kit

Presenting Shopper - the ultimate online eCommerce web UI kit, designed to help you manage your online business more effectively than ever before. This Figma designed UI kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline their online store and boost their sales at their fingertips. The built-in features and tools help you to manage your eCommerce store in a professional way enhancing the user-friendly interface. The eCommerce Admin Panel UI is the core feature of this web UI design where a store owner can check orders, find the customer's data, manage inventory, product listings, invoice generation, and evaluate the conversions from customers. Ultimately, this web UI design is a core solution to run a successful online eCommerce store and find a way to earn a profit. Also, store owners can easily chat with customers related to queries and issues for products. It can help them to capture leads from customers and deliver the best possible purchase experience. The flexible inventory management makes this UI Kit acceptable because owners can add the numbers of inventory and add some additional information that helps them to reduce lower conversion rates. With the comprehensive eCommerce dashboard UI, store owners can check their online store performance and metrics with interactive charts and graphs. For example, sales volume, total customers and active customers numbers, a list of total orders with the bifurcation of completed and pending orders, abandoned carts, and many more. Thus, it's the best chance to launch your online store with Shopper, a complete solution for an eCommerce website. As this web UI Kit is pre-designed, there is a chance to customize the templates according to your brand messaging and service industries like fashion, lifestyle, or footwear. Key Features Comprehensive Dashboard UI Easy inventory management Complete invoice list Real-time data statistics Conversion section Order management Additional Features Professional web layout Business performance analysis with interactive chart Complete overview of earning and expense in invoice section Quick communication option Easy accessibility Optimized for both new and experienced store owners Customer support section High-quality screens Well-organized layers Open figma file Seamless navigation Suitable For Retail store owners Wholesale good dealers Grocery or lifestyle business stores

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MADE IN INDIA - The Comprehensive eCommerce Web UI Kit

Introducing Made in India - E-commerce Web UI Kit with combines the important features that help businesses to find their growth in the digital world. This Figma designed UI is created with a professional eCommerce look that offers an enhanced user experience. It is also optimized for mobile screens which means users can browse the website without interruption and find what they are looking for. This web design is not just accessible only for one type of business but created for multi-sector businesses like lifestyle, tech gadgets, furniture, automobiles, or household things. That shows you can manage your online store efficiently and effectively under a single roof while managing the workflow. Using this pre-designed UI Kit offers seamless navigation and easy functionality from log in to secured checkout process. Talking about other features of this web UI Kit include a complete product display, high-quality graphics, and call-to-action buttons. Also, the product's grid view with an add to cart button will give chance to the customer for shop the product at their fingertips. Having an online store for multiple products can't manage easily, but with this web UI design it is flexible to control. In eCommerce business website templates, user experience is prioritized always and it's the base of being a successful online store. Thus, if you're looking to launch your eCommerce website that offers multiple products, then this UI design is a good deal for you. Because it's already optimized for handling and managing a wide range of products easily. Ultimately, the role of pre-designed UI elements in web development can't be ignored due to its importance for saving costs and reducing the time for development. Key Features Interactive web layouts Filter option to find relevant products Optimized for multiple products Complete product listing page Product page’s grid view Shopping cart Wishlist functionality Additional Features Well-organized layers Customization possibilities Mobile-friendly designs Professional eCommerce website look Eye-catching theme selection Seamless navigation High-quality screens Accessible for manage wide range of products Open figma file attachment Proper functionality Suitable For Departmental stores Wholesalers and retailers Goods manufacturers Stationary stores Wholesalers of all of the above

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Cryptocommerce - an eCommerce Web UI Design Powered By Cryptocurrency

Develop your eCommerce with the trending Cryptocurrency exchange to be a reputed brand in the market using this Cryptocommerce Web UI kit. The core feature of this UI kit is cryptocurrency payment acceptance which makes sense to buy your favorite products directly from your wallet. This advanced solution is designed to help businesses of all sizes establish themselves as reputable brands while providing customers with a safe and secure payment option. This web UI kit is built with the latest technology like Figma Design and offers a sleek and modern design that is easy to navigate. It is compatible with a range of devices, ensuring that customers can easily make purchases. Its system is optimized for search engines, making it easy for customers to find your website and products. With cryptocurrency payment acceptance, customers can enjoy fast and secure transactions, with no need to worry about fraud or identity theft. Its payment system is powered by blockchain technology, which offers unparalleled security and transparency. This eCommerce web UI kit offers a range of features and benefits, including: Acceptance of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin Easy integration with popular payment gateways User-friendly interface for customers and administrators Customizable design to match your brand's aesthetic SEO-friendly content for improved visibility in search engine results Compatibility with a range of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones By using our eCommerce web UI kit, you can improve your customers' shopping experience and streamline your business operations. With fast and secure transactions, you can reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks, while providing customers with a safe and convenient payment option. Thus, whether you’re a fashionable cloth manufacturer or computer hardware wholesaler, you can choose this eCommerce web UI design to make a profitable business that accepts Cryptocurrency payments. Key Features Product listing Call-to-action buttons Filter options Versatile screens Search option Shopping cart Wishlist functionality Crypto payment gateway integration support Additional Features Easy account accessibility Product-centric design Optimized for sales conversions User-friendly functions Enhanced customer experience Modern and professional look Seamless navigation Quick and safe checkout Secure order placement Accessible for all types of eCommerce stores Suitable For Fashion cloth manufacturers Luxury goods wholesalers Computer hardware manufacturer Home appliance retail stores Footwear and lifestyle shop owners

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$25.00 USD

EShopper - Online Shoe eCommerce Store Flutter Mobile App

Not finding the growth for your online shoe selling business and it remains unsteady? So, you're missing an opportunity to expand your shoe selling business efficiently and professionally with profitability. We have a solution for you. Meet the EShopper mobile app developed with modern technology frameworks to make the online shoe shopping experience better and more appreciative. You can deliver a wide range of premium brand shoes for sports, casual wear, and formal occasions right in front of customers' doors from this shoe ecommerce store Flutter app. So, whether you’re selling men’s shoes or women’s shoes from premium brands, you can take advantage of this mobile app that covers everything for online shopping. From navigation to safe checkout and order tracking to review writing, all have been available in the EShopper mobile app for the online shoe store. This mobile app for online shoe stores is powered by the latest and greatest technology, developed using Flutter. This cutting-edge technology brings a host of benefits to our users, including lightning-fast performance, seamless navigation, and an unbeatable user experience. With Flutter, this app is able to deliver a smooth and responsive experience that is sure to keep your customers coming back for more. But that's not all - this footwear app also comes loaded with various features and benefits that will help you take your shoe store to the next level. Whether you're looking to attract new customers or keep your existing ones engaged, the EShopper app has everything you need to succeed. The comprehensive product listing page is designed to appeal to users to shop the shoes because it includes the shoe sizes, color options, quantity selection, and reviews. Also, if you want to offer a discount to customers then it can be easily done by this eCommerce store app without any extra coding knowledge. In addition, customers can easily pay for their selected shoes directly from their wallet and manage it without any permission. The features of this app includes, for example, Account sign-up and login to easily create an account to access their order history, track their orders, and save their preferences for future purchases. Also, the Collapse menu system makes it easy to navigate your extensive range of shoes of branded companies and find exactly what you're looking for. In addition, notification management, filter options to choose a favorite branded shoes, shopping cart, safe checkout process, secure payment options with multiple methods, and reviews make the customer's purchase journey memorable. In short, this premium shoe ecommerce store mobile app is the perfect solution for shoe store owners looking to grow their business sustainably. With its wide range of features and benefits and its modern Flutter technology, the mobile app is sure to help you take your shoe store beyond expectations and be an authenticated shoe seller online. Still thinking? Get our app today and offer the experience to your customer the ultimate online shoe shopping! Key Features Free account registration Search bar Shopping cart Secure checkout page Safe payment processing Push notification Product page Order history and real-time tracking Collapse menu Additional Features Mobile-friendly design Easy customization Filter option Quick navigation Accessible on iOS and Android Wishlist functionality Enhanced account security Reviews and ratings Suitable For Retail shoe store shops Wholesalers of shoes Shoes manufacturers

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