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Are you looking for a tool for creating visually attractive event cards and flyers? Then, this event card maker UI design is the perfect solution for you without developing the app from scratch. Making the mobile app UI for event organizers or wishful quotes is easy when you choose this card-maker design. You can allow your users to boost the event promotions and increase engagement with its user-friendly interface that puts creativity at their fingertips.

The varieties of customizable elements like backgrounds, captions, logos, and wishing quotes make the task easier to create the best flyers in a few minutes. The pre-designed templates and themes are core highlights of this UI design to bring the best event card-making app. The effortless drag-and-drop functions allow both new and experienced event managers to create a beautiful flyer by arranging the text images and logos.

The customizable elements wide range of fonts, colors, and graphics that match your event theme and brand recognition. Also, the high-quality image integration and illustrations deliver the right message to the audience and it can be a complete solution for email marketing agencies. Thus, if you're an event organizer or professional graphic designer to increase portfolio engagement, this app UI design is the right deal for you.

In addition, picking a beautiful background template to share on social media will showcase the skills to the world and it can be done easily with this UI kit. Thus, picking this mobile app UI design for flyer creation is always beneficial for saving time & resources, increasing creative skills, developing the brand identity, and reaching a wider audience. Easily create event cards and send invitations to people to celebrate the moments with good messages and be happy.

Key Features

  • A vast amount of templates library
  • Color picker and attractive background themes
  • Image customization options with texts and font styles
  • Perfect tools for creating professional designs
  • Modern look with interactivity

Additional Features

  • Multiple Log in and Sign up choices
  • Template categories
  • Search and filter bar
  • Interactive for Android and iOS device
  • Accessible on every viewport
  • Effects section to create unique templates
  • Interactive buttons and screens
  • Typography options
  • Alternative of designing tools
  • Attractive emojis and characters
  • Pre-designed UI elements
  • Easy customizations
  • User-friendly for beginners and professionals

Suitable For

  • Social media post app developers
  • Flyers and email template integration service providers


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