AI Post Generator Smartphone App (Frontend Only) Developed in Flutter

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The future may be dominated by artificial intelligence. Jumping into the AI space may be a good option to be a trending service provider in an AI-dominated world. We’ve developed an AI-powered frontend app that can help you emerge or stand as a top IT service provider.

AI post generator app is a complete script, which packs a bunch of features that can help users create text and image posts. AI post generator app contains a bunch of options in the form of categories that can help users generate posts in specific categories. This will exclude text prompts and simplify the process of generating social media posts.

With this AI post generator app, service providers can easily reach out to more audiences, especially those who are not very familiar with text prompts. This smartphone app will allow users to select a category from available categories (technology, food, etc.) along with relevant sub-categories to get a filtered output. Users can also select competitors from available options to generate posts that may overshadow the competition. After making the required selections this app will show prompt suggestions to exclude the prompt writing.

The AI generator mobile app provides either text outputs or image with text outputs based on users’ needs. This makes this mobile app a complete solution for almost every social media platform. It understands inputs deeply and provides outputs that may fulfill users’ requirements (completely or partially).

Apart from generating posts, this app will also allow users to link their social media accounts, so that they can directly publish generated posts to their social media accounts from the app. Also, users can schedule their posts inside the AI post generator app and publish them on their preferred social media profiles.

Get the AI post generator app and be a top AI-based service provider among the masses. Introduce the ease of AI generation and grab the attention of multiple social media account holders who want to save their time in designing social media posts and writing captions.

Key Features

  • AI post-generation
  • Post category/topic selection
  • Multiple suggestions/outputs
  • Prompt suggestions

Additional Features

  • Social media profile linking
  • Social media posting
  • Post scheduling

Suitable For

  • IT service providers
  • Social media marketers
  • Graphic-designing agencies


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