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The AI Social Media Post Generator App UI Kit is a remarkable resource designed to simplify the process of building a platform for creating social media posts powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This UI kit is for creating a user-friendly and Stunning interface, catering to both beginners and experienced developers interested in the Bitrix theme.

With this AI Social media post generator app UI Kit, you'll discover a wide range of user-friendly design elements and components that have been carefully created to integrate AI technology into your social media post creation platform. It includes pre-designed templates, buttons, icons, and layouts that ensure a smooth and engaging user experience. Whether you're creating a website, app, or software, this kit simplifies the development process, saving you time and effort.

Ensure consistent and high quality social media with this Mobile app UI kit. AI-powered content generation maintains professional standards, helping you maintain a polished brand image. Use AI recommendations and optimization options to drive creativity and find new ideas for your social media content. It is a valuable tool for beginners and experienced traders looking to diversify their profiles.

The AI Social Media Post Generator App UI Kit is your key to creating a cutting-edge platform that utilizes the potential of AI, enhancing user experience and driving engagement in the Bitrix theme. It helps you to create a feature-rich and excellent interface by making the AI to be used for Social media post creation. Contact us for more information or in case of any queries.

Main Feature

  • Pixel Perfect UI Elements
  • Customizable Layers, Fonts & Colors
  • Well Layered & Organized
  • High-Quality Screens
  • Free Fonts & Icons
  • 100% Customizable Vector Shape
  • Easy to understand layouts
  • Prototype included
  • Easy Customisable Figma file.
  • Well-documented Help file

What Do You Get?

  • Photos: Unsplash
  • Illustration: Freepik
  • Font: Urbanist


A Zip file contains

  • Branding.png
  • Color.png
  • Assets.png
  • Product Description.txt
  • Read-me.txt
  • Technical Description.txt