1. How can I track my order?

To track the status of any order, go to the order section in your account where you can see the current status of your orders. ( My account > order > select the order for which you want to track status of > select track order details.)

2. What payment methods are available?

We provide a wide range of payment methods; you can pay through debit/credit card, cash on delivery, and even through a digital wallet. And payment has its own offer related to the product you are purchasing and using the store wallet gives you an offer discount.

3. Can I change or cancel any item after placing an order?

Yes, you can change or cancel your order, only if it's not dispatched, or if it has already been dispatched then you have to return it and a refund will be issued for that. The refund amount will be credited to your store e-wallet, which you use to purchase anything on the store.

4. How much time does it take to receive an order?

Usually, all the order is delivered within 5-7 working days, but it can take up to 10 days in festival seasons. The delivery also varies from the place it is being delivered to and also if you have purchased the membership, then it will be considered as priority.

5. How can I return an order?

If after receiving the order you wish to return you can do it but it should be within 7 days after the order, to do so all you need to do is go to your account > order > select the item you want to return > click return > submit the reason. And done within a day or two our collection team will send someone to collect the item.

6. Why buy from a "Furniture Store”?

“Furniture Store”, we are a brand new online fashion store providing a variety of products for Kitchen, Bedroom, from clothes to other clothing accessories. We have in house brands as well as other brands on our store with great offers on all.

7. Who can avail of free delivery?

Free delivery is only for the premium customer, who has registered as a premium member of our store. You can also get free delivery depending on the delivery destination, and Our total purchase should be more than 5000, then you get free delivery for your orders.

8. What happens if I don't receive my order by the delivery date?

If you don’t receive your order on time, then we will notify, or else you can contact our customer care for more detail. By sending us mail with details of your order like order no, date of order, or else you can directly contact us on support number.

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